Sustainability Policy

''MRT’s Sustainability Approaches''


As MRT family today, we are focused on such subjects as the principle of “sustainability in every field” and respecting every family member and partner, occupational safety and environmental policies, development of reserves, product quality and the service to our family members of collaborative team.

AIM AHEAD in UNISON (Society and individuals sensitive to environment)

MRT believes that each one of our family members of collaborative team is in fact a business partner and gives great importance to business relationships and the success of the family members. MRT develops its marketing strategy to advance together by making nurturing and long-lasting relationships with the current family members, not to constantly search for new members to collaborate. As a company, being consistent, fair, and credible is our main policy since we treasure self-respect the most with our administrative mindset based on respect for humans and our family members. As MRT family, in all our mining operations, we know that environmental accidents are preventable, and no work is more important than environment and life within the aspect of national and international environmental law and we give credence to that such probable environmental issues can be solved with preventative measures.


As MRT, we are determined to make sure that environmental pollution is to be prevented, wildlife, biodiversity and water resources are protected, alternative transportation systems that are less harmful to nature are in use, less plastic use within the company is encouraged and the ecological balance is to be made more sustainable by taking the remarks of our members and local people into great consideration since we don’t want to risk the next generations’ habitable environment and we, therefore, take proactive measures.

INSPRIRE (Product, new technologies and innovation)

MRT values and continues its practices in research and development to provide maximum sustainable productivity. Our aim as MRT family is to produce mines and marbles from our natural resources that are given limited to us by using engineering and power of technics and present them to the human use. Therefore, we develop production processes sensitive to environment, production, and marketing policies protecting the benefits of the country with the purpose of efficiently uncovering the reserves that are confirmed to exist to present them to global markets. We work for decreasing the impact of carbon emissions with the facilities of the new technologies by investing in eco-friendly vehicles.


“As MRT Mining family, strict commitment to the sustainability vision is our priority. In this respect, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is another of our main focus while creating our vision. We aim to contribute to the goals of; Decent Work and Economic Growth (8); Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9); Reducing Inequalities (10); Responsible Production and Consumption (12); Climate Action (13) and Partnerships for Purposes (17).”