Fisrt Human and Environment,



MRT Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is a community that is focused on ensuring that there are no occupational accidents, preventing these accidents, reducing the risk to zero, and eliminating the risk, rather than protecting his working family members and teammates from work accidents.

Unfortunately, according to the statistics, Turkey is one of the top countries in terms of occupational accidents. These statistics make a lot of people question where the authority is. In free market economies, the state’s function is clear; being both the regulator and the supervisor. The state’s inspections and regulations may be insufficient; however, as managers we are responsible for building and increasing self-awareness in safety in both ourselves and our employees.

We see that we are faced with a mentality problem. When we analyze the accidents, we find that most of them are caused by neglect. A self-awareness and training campaign within our managers and teammates from all levels, beginning with the employers, is what needs to be done in this situation. Serious efforts are needed on education, awareness raising, and sharing experience and knowledge. Additionally, the State needs to conduct more efficient inspections. Moreover, to set an example, successful practices should be emphasized and rewarded.

The mindset is the biggest problem. Self-consciousness! Self-consciousness! Self-consciousness! We live in a culture where people still go through the red light or driving without fastening their seatbelts. We are an immature society that has not been self-aware to recognize occupational safety. Education comes first! Self-consciousness is created through education! We must take all the necessary precautions with our self-awareness and occupational safety attitude, even if the state doesn’t make a regulation or remains inadequate regarding inspections, we are obliged to do so! It’s our fault and the failure of our educational system that has been lack of self-awareness for centuries.


We briefly describe our Occupational Safety Policy below;


Our mines are planned and operated in a way that does not harm the health and safety of our working family members. Our approved engineers are in charge of and supervise all work that needs to be done in our mines. Only our competent team members who have undergone specialized training on these occupations and who are acting in accordance with the instructions are allowed to perform jobs with exceptional risks. All safety instructions are prepared in a way that our teammates can understand. All of our mines have adequate first aid supplies, and required drills are conducted on a regular basis—at least twice a year. We grant our coworkers’ daily working hours the utmost consideration. Making sure that our team members consistently take their weekly breaks and get enough rest is of utmost importance. MRT Mining Industry and Trade Inc. provide the appropriate exit and rescue tools for all our teammates in a possible danger, make them ready for use, and apply the necessary drills and trainings at regular intervals so that they can leave their workplaces as soon as possible and safely. A lot of emphasis is placed on using occupational safety equipment, particularly in our quarries for natural stone, to avoid long-term health risks to our coworkers from noise and marble dust issues.

MRT Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is the first mining company in the Turkish Mining Industry to have bulletproof vests of special lightness (800g) produced and used regularly to protect our teammates from diamond wire breakage accidents. All working family members are subject to routine health examinations and surveillance while they are employed and while they are still on the job. Our engineers, who serve as the mine supervisors in all of our mines, regularly solicit the opinions of our coworkers and their representatives on workplace safety and evolving quarry risks. These opinions are then shared with senior management and put into action. In all our mines, it is ensured that ventilation, support, transportation, gas, dust, ergonomics, noise and vibration risk factors pose zero risk.

In all of our establishments, appropriate and sufficient levels and/or fortifications are made, and routine controls are offered to prevent the slipping and falling of stone, soil, and ore materials.

All of our working family members receive full delivery of all occupational safety materials, and their full implementation is guaranteed. All of our mines fully comply with occupational safety laws, and daily controls are offered. In each of our quarries, risk analyses are planned, and the measures are occasionally changed in response to the reports. All of our quarries give the general guidelines for workplace safety their full attention.


In addition to the family members who work as permanent supervisors, technical engineers, and doctors in each of our quarries, we also receive assistance from outside consultants for risk analysis and technical occupational safety. All family members who work are instructed to avoid interfering with tasks that are not their responsibility. All of our marble quarries use wire cutting machines and bead wire equipment that is custom made for us using samples of the stone that will be cut and tested. 

As the top management of MRT Mining Industry and Trade Inc., we meet with our teammates at our quarries every week and hold chat meetings to develop self-awareness for our safety.


Work safety first! Life first! Human being first!


Wish to keep producing in a sense that adds value to our nation in a way that prevents deaths and reduces work-related accidents as much as possible under mechanized, civilized, and productive working conditions.

Sincerely yours..

Mert Emiroğlu