MRT Family

“Our goal is to ensure that each and every family member loves their MRT product.”

MRT values business relationships and the success of the families it works with highly and views each of its clients as a potential business partner. As a result, the MRT Family is made up of individuals who concur that this consciousness serves a single purpose. Instead of constantly looking for new markets, MRT bases its marketing strategy on fostering long-lasting relationships with the family members it works with. At its Istanbul head office, MRT employs a capable team to supervise daily administrative, financial, accounting, export, marketing, and sales operations. On the other hand, in MRT quarries, qualified teams that supervise production and sales operations collaborate with mining and geological engineers who closely monitor every step of the process, a health team, an occupational safety officer, permanent supervisors who are required by law, and experienced mine workers and operators who are essential. MRT Family has a current focus on reserve development, product quality, making a difference, protecting its products, customers, and markets, and treating all of its teammates and collaborators with respect.