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Occupational Safety Policy


Instead of simply protecting its workers and employees from accidents, MRT Maden A.Ş. group has directed its complete focus on preventing workplace accidents by eliminating risks altogether.

Statistics show that Turkey has one of the highest occupational accident rates in the world. As a result of these statistics, many people end up questioning the government’s capability. In a free market economy, the government has the clear-cut role as the regulatory and supervisory authority. However, it seems that its regulations are lacking, and its supervisions inadequate.

We, the executives, have the responsibility to promote an awareness of occupational safety in both ourselves, and our employees.

It is evident that the problem we face is one of mentality. Examinations of various accidents have revealed an underlying negligence in most. What we need to do here is to undertake a campaign of awareness and education, starting from ourselves, the employers, to executives at every level, down to our employees. We need to exert significant effort on awareness raising and education, sharing our experience and knowledge. At the same time, the government must also establish a more effective supervision. On the other hand, successful practices must be promoted and rewarded accordingly, in order to set an example for others.

Mentality is the most significant problem ahead of us. Awareness, awareness, awareness! Our society is one of low awareness, with our people still running red lights and driving without seat belts. Our society lacks awareness and maturity when it comes to occupational safety. Education comes first! Awareness is a result of education! Even when the government fails to supervise, or regulate, adequately, our awareness and culture of occupational safety compels us to take every measure necessary! The fault lies with us, and with our education system that has yet to address the lack of awareness for over a hundred years!

Below are outlines of our Occupational Safety Policy;

Our mines are designed and operated so as to not endanger the health and safety of our employees. All mine operations are carried out under the supervision and responsibility of qualified engineers, while works that are deemed to carry a higher risk are only carried out by qualified workers with specialization training, and in accordance with instructions. All safety instructions are prepared to be easily understandable for all employees.

All mines are equipped with adequate first-aid equipment, and undergo regular safety drills at least twice per year.

Utmost attention is given to workers’ daily working hours, as well as their regular weekly off-work and resting hours.

To evacuate all workers during an emergency in a rapid and safe manner, MRT Maden A.Ş. keeps at hand appropriate evacuation and rescue equipment at all times, and provides regular training and drills regarding their usage.

All mines feature built-in communication systems for workers, kept ready at all times

All employees are given regular training and education on occupational health and safety measures.

All employees undergo medical examination when they join our company, and periodically during their career.

Engineers supervising the mines are responsible for relaying opinions of workers and their representatives on occupational safety and mine related risks to the higher management for evaluation and implementation.

The company is committed to eliminate all ventilation, revetments, transportation, gas, dust, ergonomics, noise and vibration related risk factors in all its mines.

Particular attention is given to the use of occupational safety equipment in natural stone quarries, where continuous exposure to marble dust and loud noises carry long-term health risks.

All mining operations feature adequate stepping and revetments to prevent against landslide and rockslides, and such supports are controlled on a regular basis.

All employees are provided with a complete array of safety equipment, and are required to use them during their work.

All mine operations adhere fully to occupational safety regulations, with daily controls to ensure compliance.

All mines undergo risk analysis planning, and safety measures are modified as needed depending on risk analysis reports.

All mines comply fully with “general provisions” of occupational safety.

In addition to mining engineers, technical and resident supervisors and workplace physicians; all mines receive consultancy, risk analysis and technical workplace safety support from outside the company.

Employees are instructed not to interfere with mining operations beyond their responsibilities.

All wire cutters and wire beads used in marble quarries are custom-made, based on samples taken from the rocks to be cut.

MRT Maden A.Ş. is the first mining company in Turkey to produce and use special lightweight (800 gr) kevlar vests to protect workers from wire break accidents.

MRT Maden A.Ş. senior management conducts weekly meeting with workers in quarries to discuss safety concerns in an effort to raise safety awareness.

Safety first! Life first! People first!

It is my hope to continue creating sustainable value for our country with the production we make; working systematically in a mechanized, civilized and positive working environment, with minimum work related accidents and no fatalities.




Mert Emiroğlu