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About Us

MRT Mining Industry was founded in 2013 to quarry the most abundant, cost-effective, and stunningly beautiful marble and mining reserves as well as to process and incorporate them into the economy. In recent years, MRT has been carrying out its reserve explorations in Turkey and across the globe simultaneously and continues to operate marble quarries and mines in various parts of Turkey.

The secret to MRT's success lies in the natural combination of high quality reserves, customer-oriented approach and the opportunity to work with regional leaders as its customers.

MRT constantly engages in and places special emphasis on research and development activities to ensure maximum sustainable productivity.

MRT considers every customer a business partner and pays significant attention to business relationships and the success of its customers.

MRT devises its marketing strategy not based on a constant search for new customers but on establishing long-term relationships with current customers with a vision to support each other and grow together.

MRT works with a qualified team that leads daily managerial, financial, accounting and export operations in its Istanbul office. The company also employs competent teams that manage production and sales processes in the quarries. 

Today, MRT focuses on respect towards all of its employees and stakeholders, work safety and environmental policies, reserve development, product quality and customer services.